Creation of all your design

Your messages will be seen, understood and remember!

Freelance 2.0

Creation of your responsive website

For you, i will create your professionnal presentation on internet : personnal portfolio, corporate, e-business and e-shop.
Your business will be seen in a nice and efficient design.

Design of mobiles Appl

I will be in charge of designing your mobiles Appl to reach your customers and to increase sales.
I have a strong experience in user interface for video games on the web, mobiles and Nintendo.


I will design your emailing with the high impact images and the good wordings. The code will be responsive to reach all of your customers on all devices.

Social Media

As today your business need to also exist on social media, i will help you to choose the best way to reach your customers without losing to much time!


I also do logo design, flyers, brochures, visit cards, packaging... Custom design for you.


I do digitale illustration on Photoshop and Illustrator as well as watercolor. Illustration for print on paper, clothes or any other support.

How i can help on your graphic projet ?

I have a strong and long international experience as graphic designer digital and print. I go with every types of customers (from the craftsman to major account), to help them to spread their communication with my advices and my creations.

My job is to listen and to translate your messages in images to be seen every where from the web to the paper.
Your messages have to be seen, understood and keep in mind!

UI Design
Web & Mobile
Graphic Design
Design for
Social Media

UI, Web & Print Design

• Focus Online :

> Graphique design for: responsive websites, images for social medias, Mobiles Applications, Nintendos devices (Wii & DS)

> Art direction

> Conception of responsive websites on Wordpress or HTML/Css

> Conception of responsive emailing & newsletter(Html5 / Mailchimp)

> Integration texts & assets on Wordpress & Drupal

> Community Management

• Focus Offline :

> Art direction

> Graphic Design of: logo, flyers, brochures, visit cards, packaging

> Digital illustrations, watercolor, medical illustration

• Tools :

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After-Effets, Invision, MailChimp, Hootsuite...

• Social Media :

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, TripAdvisor

• Languages :

Html5, Css3, Drupal, Wordpress

• Industry :

E-shop, Video-games, Kids, Health

Please, contact me if you need anything more!

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Digital Designer


Creation & integration of a responsive emailing & print design: business {BtoC/Communication}

Les Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
Les Laboratoires Pierre Fabre
WebMastering - Technical Project Manager for creation of the multi-lingual website for 8 countries : pharmaceutical {BtoC/Communication}

WebMastering - Technical Project Manager for creation of the multi-lingual websites for 25 countries : industry {BtoC/Communication/Event}

WebMastering for the multi_lingual webste of L'Oréal Paris for 25 countries : beauty {E-shop}
UI Designer + C.M.


jeux vidéo
Digital Art Director: video-game {E-shop/BtoC/Communication/Event}


bâle suisse
Art Director : pharmaceutical & bank {E-learning/Communication/Event}


ic axon montréal canada
Webdesigner: medical & pharmaceutical {E-learning/Communication}

Montréal- CANADA